for children & adolescents

Debbie you are amazing and
I could not have asked for
a more supportive counsellor
for my daughter.


Ive done a lot of work on myself already I just knew i needed something more


A miricle worker


I can finally let it go now


Thank you thank you
and thank you


Debbie you have been an absolute
inspiration to both of us and
we will never forget the work
you put into the girls and also
keeping us sane in the process 


Watching a session
I fell in love with my son
all over again


Family Support | Ladybug Counselling

To provide support for families seeking additional knowledge and undertanding, for the wellbeing of their children

One day workshop

Topics Cover

* Attachment

* Safety

* Neuropsychology

* Window of Tolerance

* Develomental levels and the differnece with chronological age

* Tool box of technquies to use

* Self defense of the mind

* Personal Support

Only 20 spots available per workshop

Please call Debbie direclty to register 0410 214 571

Workshop Dates

13th November 2015

$220 + GST

Redfern, Sydney NSW

930am - 6pm